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My name is Abdulrahman Elsharqawi. Currently, I work as a Product Development Specialist at Alinma Bank

Currently, my main focus is to study and analyze how can we create mature and useful FinTech products that plays an important role in the Saudi financial market. Not to mention that my technical background allows me to use the latest technologies in the process of building these products.For example, I use technologies like JavaScript, React Native, C++, and Swift to build a complete solutions that can add value to people's life.

I'm specialized in building websites, mobile apps, and IoT Solutions.

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Nana Baqala Helper

Nana Baqala Helper is an IoT solution that aims to increase the availability of items in the store. It is cheap, compact, and easy to deliver.

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Nana Baqala Helper App

Baqala Helper Mobile App React Native application that uses hardware-serial protocol to connect to and control baqala helper devices


AZM is a real-time system that help farmers monitor biometrics for their agriculture products. It also can detect future diseases and soil fertility levels. Proudly, it won the third place in Al-Qasim Hackathon for agricultural technologies

Clima - IOS Weather App

Clima is a weather app written in Swift that uses OpenWeather API to fetch and view weather data for the user

Nana BLE Scanner

Nana BLE Scanner is a React Native mobile application that uses Bluetooth Low-Energy protocol to connect to Baqala Helper devices and configure them and read their data.

Item Catalog

Item Catalog is a blog-like website, where users can add items, modify them, and delete them (All CRUD operations). In this project, I applied all principles I learned in the Full-Stack Nanodegree from Udacity. The project has user authentication, email verification, third-party login, JSON endpoints. The project also was deployed on an Apache server hosted on GCP.


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